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Jehi Willis is back in the saddle!

Jehi Willis returns to dirt bike racing in 2013

Jehi Willis returns to dirt bike racing in 2013

Well after more than a year away from racing the bug has bitten again and I have done a deal to race a “Tri Series” which consists of three desert races over in West Australia in June, July and August and another 4 hour Enduro up in Broome later in the year.

I’m stoked to have been given the opportunity to race again and will be racing under the team Freak Show Racing banner (, these guys are a passionate desert race team based in Perth and will be looking after me for the year.

So to get me through the grueling four to five hours of racing over two days in these hot tough events I am happy to say that Aqua force will once again be right behind me, I only use products that are beneficial to me and I can honestly say that drinking this product boost’s my confidence in my body’s performance to another level.

In the year away from racing I actually took a break from training as well, not because I got lazy but work commitments and the birth of my new son had my mind on other things.
I started my training again in January this year and although the first few weeks were tough it feels really good to be getting back towards the fitness level that I require, I have some good training partners and whether we are out cycling, running or in the gym we are really starting to push each other because everything is a race right???

So there you have it, it’s great to be working with these guys again and I will keep you posted on my adventures.


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Jehi Willis’ Season Update

Well with the 2012 off road racing season well under way, I must say that I haven’t exactly missed all the preparation that goes into the pre season and the organizing and training your butt off!!  I’ve taken a step back from the professional racing scene this year, concentrating on work and the new addition to our family, my son Reed.

I was hoping to continue riding socially with my mates but so far haven’t found the time, a good break never hurts so I will get back in the saddle soon enough!  I would like to say a big thanks to the guys at AquaForce for all their support during my racing career, they really do have a great product that I will continue to use if I’m riding, doing a bit of training or even to get through a long hot day at work.

Back to the racing, things have been shaken up a little this year with some young guys really stepping up their pace and dicing it with the previous Australian champs in Toby Price(KTM) and Chris Hollis (KTM), Young Yamaha team mates Matt Phillips from Tasmania and a friend of mine and local Victorian Daniel Milner are on fire so far this year and obviously put in a lot of effort over the summer break.  Price currently leads the Championship with Milner in 2nd and Matt Phillips in 3rd, but all that could change quickly as there are plenty of others also riding really well and one mistake could see you out of the top ten.

That’s all from me for now, next time I hope to be telling you about all the road cycling or mountain biking I’ve been doing…….

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