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I’m becoming a runner!

So I think I am slowly being able to call myself a runner after putting in a fair bit of sweat and pain into my running training lately. I am really enjoying it though! At the beginning, I was finding myself fairly lethargic throughout the day as my body was trying to get used to the change in activity. But in the past couple of weeks I have had more energy than ever and am really loving my training. I am doing about 5 running sessions per week, at the moment doing about 5km average but have sneaked in some 10km runs. I have to be able to run 10km for 2 weeks straight as I am participating in ‘The Run to Better Days’, a charity run from Hervey’s Bay to Townsville to raise awareness and money for Caritas aid organisation. It is really motivating to have something to work towards, a deadline in which I have to have my body in peak shape. I am aiming to increase my distance to 6km in the next week, and work up from there.

I think my housemates are getting slightly annoyed with the quantity of food that I am consuming to meet my energy demands though! We have a system going where we all put in an equal amount into a communal food supply and I think I am very much utilising it the most! Trying to eat really healthy though, with massive amounts fruit and veg and plenty of whole grains. At the moment I have a big craze for nuts! They are an excellent source of fibre and protein and super tasty as well.

Apart from my running, I am still on the bike every day, mainly using it to commute to uni and back, a lovely 15km ride return. I am also doing a couple of morning training rides a week and have yet to enter a cycling race but hopefully will do one in next few weeks.  Also, very exciting news came out last week about kite surfing being in the 2016 London games. This is very exciting and means that a lot more people will get involved in the sport and also provides a great avenue for those who want to progress in the sport. I haven’t been out as much as I would have liked in the past few months due to time (and a lack of wind) but definitely good incentive to make time now!

I am also nearly finished my first container of AquaForce! Finding it really good with warding off the cold as well; whenever I feel a bit down, having a few glasses of AquaForce over the day makes me feel a lot better and provides good immune support. AquaForce is definitely benefiting my training. I have also been enjoying promoting and getting my friends to taste it, so far all my friends studying medicine are impressed!

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Bec’s Run For Better Days

Hi all!  This is one of my first of hopefully many blogs to come so hope you enjoy it. Anyway, a short intro is probably useful…

My name is Bec and I am really excited to be newly supported by AquaForce in my sporting endeavours. I am passionate about cycling, kite surfing, running, tennis and pretty much every sport under the sun, you check out my previous post for full info!

Today I am flying up to Townsville after visiting my family in Melbourne with significantly heavier bags due to the generous supply of AquaForce product for my training for the next few months. I am really looking forward to the next few weeks as I will be really ramping up the intensity of my training, plus I have started a few new fun activities- including rock climbing and a social soccer team at uni. I have also a new fairly major challenge that is on the horizon- ‘The Run to Better Days’. This will involve running 10km for 13 days straight with a team of 15 other athletes from the happiest place in Australia- Hervey’s Bay to Townsville to raise money and advocate for Caritas. At the moment, 10km is achievable, but only with the ramifications of extremely sore muscles and fatigue for the proceeding few days. So I have incorporated 3 running sessions into my training plan, in which I will slowly be building up the intensity and distance up until the run commences in mid-year holidays in July.

In order to fit these new running sessions in, along with 3 longer rides weekly on top of my 8km commute to uni each day, I am being forced to become an early bird (which I am finding slightly difficult!). Unfortunately by body clock is conditioned for sleep no earlier than 11pm at the moment, which when having to waking up at 4.30am in the morning for training rides, does not leave room for much sleep. I am fortunate that I have a full bag of AquaForce to keep me energised however. And as far as my body-clock is concerned, hopefully it will be kicked into place soon and I will be sweet!

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Introducing Bec…

Hi my name is Bec and I have a passion for pretty much every sport under the sun. Sport has always had such a profound impact on my life and I can’t imagine life without it! From doing a half marathon on the beach solely possible due to encouragement from friends, to riding from Townsville to Sydney for charity, and jumping out of a plane 16,000ft, sport has taught me that anything is possible if you try hard enough. 

I am most passionate about cycling. Almost everyday I ride my bike; commuting to work, riding to friends house or to the shops. My dream is to have bikes take over the car… with all kids riding to school (or using another form of active transport), business men riding to work, and mothers doing their errands on bikes. For this to happen, it is essential to have government support in providing the needed infrastructure and services to make cycling safer, more convenient, and comfortable.

This is when my energy and passion for sport can be put to good use in advocating for an attitude change by the community to embrace the bike! So here is the plan- to win cycling races! I can rant and rave on as much as I want about how much I love bikes, but in reality, the average person doesn’t listen to a person who is average in what they are trying to promote (including the government). Take a person picking what movie to watch at the cinemas, they are less likely to go see a movie with a never heard before cast, compared to a cast with Tom Cruise and the like. But you see, the problem is that there are few cycling champions that promote cycling for commuting. Instead, the stereotypical cyclist is seen as one that wishes to show off newly toned legs wearing lycra, can keep an average of above 30km/hr, or have a wish to participate in the next Tour de France. This leaves an incredible amount of people that could gain so much from riding a bike but thinking they are incapable. The attitude must change! That’s why I want to get to the top, and be in a position where I can advocate to the best of my ability how much happier people would be if bike riding was the norm for transport.

A few things are needed to achieve my goal, with keeping myself energised and healthy being vital. This is when I was so excited to hear that AquaForce would be in to support me. Since I am living up in Townsville at the moment for studies, I find the greatest challenge is drinking enough water to replenish the amount that I sweat. But obviously, sweat isn’t just water, it is a nice and salty concoction of many ions and minerals that must also be replenished with performance being compromised if not. I heavily support AquaForce, as it is the only sports drink I have found thus far that isn’t pumped with sugar, and other harmful additives.  I can’t wait to implement my plan with AquaForce on my side!