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Mitch Van Vliet’s Podium Finish at Finke

The race team left for Alice Springs on the Wednesday before the big race and just chilled out a bit before some testing on Thursday with my mechanic Adam from Quad Squad.  After giving the quad a trial run I left the testing area super happy with my Yamaha before the big event. Friday night at scrutineering the quad and my gear passed without any trouble, which put me in an even better mind frame, set for the race.

Saturday was the day of prologue which didn’t worry me because it’s just a starting time and I would rather chase people down in the race. So I went out there and rode safe and smart managing to prologue a solid 8th for the race. Sunday, being the first day of the big event, I was excited as I started the race and hole shot my grid of another 6 bike riders to head off for a 228km race through the desert in top gear and into 60km whoop sections that just take it out of you. I finished the first day in 5th position and was looking forward to the ride home.  The Yamaha pulled up solid after a gruelling test thru the whoops and deep sand and I was feeling fit and rearing to go.

Monday the Queen’s birthday was the big day, the day if you’re lucky enough to finish and cross that elusive finish line in Alice Springs. As I left Finke I was in race mode and had nothing to lose.  By the second fuel stop I was in third place and manage to hold it till the finish line.  To get over that finish line was such a thrill in front of a crowd of 10,000 spectators knowing I was on the podium.

I was extremely happy with my result, my Yamaha YFZ 450 didn’t miss a beat and with fellow Yamaha rider Ryan Lancaster winning the event it shows how reliable and strong the Yamahas are.  It would have been impossible to do the race without the support I got from my family, my girlfriend Shannon, my mechanic Adam Siemensma from Quad Squad, Patty Geraghty, Wayne Fuller and the Chambers Engineering Crew for organising my fuel stops and doing an amazing job, my sponsors Fox Shox, Lonestar, Hardiman ATV, IMS Tanks, B&B Aluminium, AquaForce, WPS YAMAHA ATV RACING, Vanika Industries and of course all the support I have received from Yamaha Australia.

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Quad Riders Using AquaForce

Hi, Brendan Ashe is my name and I am the Vice President of the Q.R.C.V. (and Marketing Manager and Newsletter Editor).

It’s exciting to have Aquaforce on board as the sole provider of Hydration at our race meets. Moto Cross and Enduro races work every part of your body under extremely gruelling conditions.

Quad Racing is a very physical discipline of motor sport and it was a No Brainer to have Aquaforce involved at our club to Hydrate and Replenish our riders at our Race Meets.  The fact that it is made from all natural ingredients means that everything our bodies are crying out for to reduce Arm Pump and Fatigue is there without having to worry about being loaded up with sugars and chemicals.

I have been using Aquaforce as a form of Rehydration after all my training sessions, whether they be at the gym or on the bike and for me the best thing is that is such a smooth natural taste so it is easy to power in to, and you can add it to your Hydration Packs to enjoy on your Quad Bike when doing the hard yards, without having to worry about it staining your gear.

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