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Mitch Van Vliet wins at Finke 2013

mitchwinsfinke20132As the brothers hit Alice Springs the bets were on who would take out the outright win or would it be a trifecta with all 3 boys on the podium.

After doing test runs up at the local MX track both Mitchell and Harrison were happy with their quads thanks to mechanic Adam from Quad Squad.
The first step was scrutineering, which the boys breezed thru with their Quads and gear in top condition.
Saturdays Prologue saw their brother Jake take 1st place proving he was on target with Mitch and Harrison following in the top 10.  All 3 were in the top 50 of bikes, which was a fantastic effort for the quads.
Sunday morning saw an early start with sign in and final checks on the quads.  It was a hot morning with over 10,000 spectators so the boys were itching to get out there and show them what the quads could do.
Mitch was on the 2nd grid of quads to take off the start line and after hitting the whoops at warp speed Mitch managed to get into 3rd position once he reached Finke.
Harrison also having a bit of bad luck limped into Finke with a shredded tyre that he managed to ride on for the last 50km
“For my first Finke race it was different to what I expected.  Everyone had told me different stories but until you’re out there racing you never know.  Apart from a tyre mishap the Yamaha was a dream to ride and didn’t miss a beat,” commented Harrison
Monday was again up and early with the 2 boys left to race home the grueling 246km back to Alice Springs.
Mitch took the holeshot off the start line and never looked back.  Racing up to speeds of 140km on board his Yamaha over sand, dust and whoops, Mitch came over the finish line a convincing 1st with a 10-minute lead.
Harrison on his debut run at the Finke Desert Race did everything on board his Yamaha to make up ground and came in a fantastic overall 3rd.
Mitch stated “ My aim was to come and win and everything went to plan.  I am absolutely thrilled with my result and I can’t thank our sponsors enough.  A lot of people have taken a chance with the quads so I would really like to thank Ray Howard from Yamaha Australia and Kevin Williams from WEM for believing in me and for believing in quad racing”.
“A special thanks goes out also to Adam from Quad Squad for all his hard work, Shane from Hardiman ATV for all his help with parts and to the Beer, Geraghty and Fuller families for their help at the Finke Desert Race.  Fuel stops are critical in this type of racing so big thanks to Chrissy from Chambers Engineering for my fuel and Fred from Three Tors for fueling Harrison ”
With out the help of the following sponsors we could not do what we love to do so thank you for your generosity and continual support.
Yamaha Australia, WPS, Hardiman ATV, Quad Squad, Vanika Industries, Reckless Desire Productions, AquaForce, Prestige Personal Training, Gas Imports, B & B Aluminium, Vortex Ignitions, Fox Shoxs, Lone Star, Austraco , Fury Tyres and DWT.
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Mitch in Top 10 at Murray Bridge

Mitch Van Vliet Murray Bridge 2013

Mitch Van Vliet Murray Bridge 2013

WPS Yamaha ATV Race Team took off to Murray Bridge for the first round of the Pro Quad Championship in the race rig ready to hit the track.

On board all 4 brothers, team mates Mitch, Harrison and Cooper along with Jake, motivated and encouraged each other trying to spur each other on with lots of bantering and teasing.

On arriving and after walking the well-groomed track it was up to Mitch and Harrison to discuss and prep the quads according to the conditions.

Qualifying finished with Mitch in 5th place and Harrison in 10th.  With a full grid of quads on the start gates all vying for that elusive hole shot and coming out the other side clean and in front, it was Mitch in great position to take out 4th position in the first moto on board his Yamaha.  Not to disgrace himself, teammate Harrison Van Vliet put in a huge effort for his first MX Nationals coming in a very comfortable 8th.

Moto 2 proved an absolute duplicate of the first moto giving Mitch overall 4th leaving him a total of 56 championship points with Harrison only 10 points behind and with such tight racing only 4 points difference to get up onto the podium.

“I’m pumped with the performance of the Yamaha Quad and am looking forward to training hard in the coming months to improve my level of fitness and skill.  I’ve got a secret trainer who is recently coming on board with me and I cant wait to start with her to improve my skill and ability as you can never stop improving.” Mitch commented.

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A Great Run at Monza for Mitch Van Vliet

With the sun shining it was great to see the track in good condition compared to 2 years ago where there was nothing but mud and rain.

After walking the track, all 3 team mates were set to make their mark in the first round of the QRCV motocross Series for 2013.

Mitch had a great time getting 2 of the 3 holeshots and then continuing on to race some great races. In the last moto, showing his skill and agility Mitch held a spectacular lead over the rest of the field giving him overall 1st place on the podium on the day.

To keep up his race fitness, Mitch also decided to jump on board his Yamaha 450cc 2 wheel bike taking all 3 holeshots in the Open Class.

“I had a great weekend which is fantastic preparation for the up and coming Monster Energy MX Nationals in South Australia.  The Yamaha didn’t miss a beat and Im extremely happy with the way everything is coming together” Mitch stated

Harrison, having a hiccup on board his quad, must think he’s jinxed as he has had a few problems.  Having a great start in the first moto coming a comfortable 2nd, Harrison managed to snap a bolt on the hard packed track, however coming back in fine form Harrison once again entertained the crowd with a display of ’showmanship’ on little brother Coopers Yamaha 300cc in the last race to keep his points up.

Harrison commented “I’m having a bit of bad luck but we are ironing out all the hiccups so when it comes to the Nationals we will be in full swing. I love the new Yamaha and feel very confident on board”

Once again it was left up to Cooper to take up the battle with the Junior Class. Loving the race scene and being part of the WPS Yamaha ATV Race team is proving a great step up for young Cooper. In all 3 motos Cooper threw his quad at the jumps, railing the berms and avoiding the dust. Winning one moto confidently and coming a close 2nd in the other 2, left Cooper with points to take a very comfortable 2nd.

Once again the team would like to thank their following sponsors for their continual generosity, support and belief in the team:-

Yamaha Australia. WPS, Hardiman ATV, Quad Squad, Vanika Industries, AquaForce, Prestige Personal Training, B & B Aluminium, Vortex Ignitions, Fox Shoxs, Lone Star, Austraco , Fury Tyres and DWT.

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