Quad Riders Using AquaForce

Hi, Brendan Ashe is my name and I am the Vice President of the Q.R.C.V. (and Marketing Manager and Newsletter Editor).

It’s exciting to have Aquaforce on board as the sole provider of Hydration at our race meets. Moto Cross and Enduro races work every part of your body under extremely gruelling conditions.

Quad Racing is a very physical discipline of motor sport and it was a No Brainer to have Aquaforce involved at our club to Hydrate and Replenish our riders at our Race Meets.  The fact that it is made from all natural ingredients means that everything our bodies are crying out for to reduce Arm Pump and Fatigue is there without having to worry about being loaded up with sugars and chemicals.

I have been using Aquaforce as a form of Rehydration after all my training sessions, whether they be at the gym or on the bike and for me the best thing is that is such a smooth natural taste so it is easy to power in to, and you can add it to your Hydration Packs to enjoy on your Quad Bike when doing the hard yards, without having to worry about it staining your gear.

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