Mitch Van Vliet at Thumb Pump 2013

Mitch Van Vliet @ Thumb Pump 2013

Mitch Van Vliet @ Thumb Pump 2013

Heading off to Thumb Pump 300, commonly known as  “The Hardest Australian ATV Desert Race “, it was Mitch Van Vliet giving teammates Harrison and younger brother Cooper all the ins and out for the gruelling up and coming race.
Being a previous out right winner, Mitch decided to team up with Harrison leaving Cooper to race the Junior Class.

With the Yamahas prepped and ready to roll practice proved just as tough on the body as well as on the quads.

With the teams gridded behind the Open Class as well as the Vets class it was left to Mitch to head out on the first leg to try and get past the majority of the field.  On competing the first 40km Mitch had a fantastic ride coming in overall 4th giving Harrison a great start.

With his head down and bum up Harrison took off only to have a freak hiccup with his quad and get stuck out in the middle of nowhere. Once the officials brought him back in, it was a gutted Harrison who had to leave the rest of the race up to his team mate Mitch.

Being 2 laps down meant Mitch not only had to make up time but also had to complete the full 12 laps of the race.  The Yamaha did not miss a beat and Mitch pulled the fastest lap time on day 2 proving he was still in the game.

After a gruelling 2 days of hitting the sand, dust, whoops and various obstacles, Mitch clawed his way back up from last to 4th just missing out on a podium finish for the team.
Seeing one team member gutted and one riding with amazing skill and agility it was then left to team rider Cooper to get on the podium for the junior class.
With high expectations, Cooper on board his Yamaha set off to a flying start only to hit a tree on the first lap.  Collecting himself and finally getting his quad out of the tree, Cooper managed to pull in on day one in 3rd position.

Cooper, knowing he was in with contention, took to day 2 full of ambition to complete the race and stand on the podium.
With the whoops getting bigger and deeper making the 250cc Yamaha disappear from full view in the sand, Cooper stuck to his plan of attack with his teammates cheering him on.
After enduring 8 laps of dust, grit and grime Cooper managed to hold onto his 3rd place and stand on top of the podium holding his head high.

The team would like to thank their following sponsors for their continual generosity, support and belief in the team:-

Yamaha Australia. WPS, Hardiman ATV, Quad Squad, Vanika Industries, Aqua Force, Prestige Personal Training, B & B Aluminium, Vortex Ignitions, Fox Shoxs, Lone Star, Austraco , Fury Tyres and DWT

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