Mitch in Top 10 at Murray Bridge

Mitch Van Vliet Murray Bridge 2013

Mitch Van Vliet Murray Bridge 2013

WPS Yamaha ATV Race Team took off to Murray Bridge for the first round of the Pro Quad Championship in the race rig ready to hit the track.

On board all 4 brothers, team mates Mitch, Harrison and Cooper along with Jake, motivated and encouraged each other trying to spur each other on with lots of bantering and teasing.

On arriving and after walking the well-groomed track it was up to Mitch and Harrison to discuss and prep the quads according to the conditions.

Qualifying finished with Mitch in 5th place and Harrison in 10th.  With a full grid of quads on the start gates all vying for that elusive hole shot and coming out the other side clean and in front, it was Mitch in great position to take out 4th position in the first moto on board his Yamaha.  Not to disgrace himself, teammate Harrison Van Vliet put in a huge effort for his first MX Nationals coming in a very comfortable 8th.

Moto 2 proved an absolute duplicate of the first moto giving Mitch overall 4th leaving him a total of 56 championship points with Harrison only 10 points behind and with such tight racing only 4 points difference to get up onto the podium.

“I’m pumped with the performance of the Yamaha Quad and am looking forward to training hard in the coming months to improve my level of fitness and skill.  I’ve got a secret trainer who is recently coming on board with me and I cant wait to start with her to improve my skill and ability as you can never stop improving.” Mitch commented.

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