The AquaForce Solution

The AquaForce Solution is a scientifically designed system that combines the three main principles in electrolyte replacement, creating the optimum hydration system for any body.  Our formula replenishes, energises and revitalises, all while maintaining the ideal electrolyte balance for achieving optimum hydration.

The AquaForce Solution: Replenish + Energise + Revitalise = Optimum Hydration

Principle 1: Replenish

Electrolyte ratios vary in many commercial hydration drinks.  The wrong ratios may interfere with the body’s natural fluid balance and end up being counterproductive.  Excessive sodium may cause hypertension and hypernatremia, especially as internal fluids decrease with dehydration and may also tax the kidneys and slow down absorption.  AquaForce has been scientifically formulated to be isotonic which means it matches the body’s fluid concentration to rapidly deliver the ideal balance of electrolytes for maximum absorption.  AquaForce combines the four core electrolytes - sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium – in ideal ratios. We pay special attention to the dynamic duo, sodium and potassium, since these are some of the first minerals lost and play a key role in hydration.  Potassium is vital for working cells and crucial in smooth muscle contraction. That’s why people tell you to eat a banana if you’re cramping.  Too much sodium can prevent the body from absorbing the necessary amount of potassium to keep heart and muscle function running at optimal levels.  We believe we’ve created a formula which contains the right balance of electrolytes with not too much sodium, not too little potassium and the optimal amounts of calcium and magnesium.  So when reaching for a hydration drink, choose AquaForce which we believe has the perfect blend of what your body needs.

Principle 2: Energise

The human body breaks down food into a usable fuel source called glucose.  All other sugars must be broken down into glucose before the body can utilise them as energy.  For this reason, AquaForce combines isotonic electrolytes with glucose to provide a rapidly available fuel source to keep you performing at your peak.  This means that other potentially harmful or artificial sugars like sucrose are taken out of the equation.  Some commercial drinks may be loaded with nasty sugars which can give you a quick high because blood glucose levels rise quickly.  This may be followed by a crashing feeling when the body tries to bring blood sugar back to healthy levels.  These sugars also delay absorption because the body has to break them down into glucose before it can utilise them. How is AquaForce different?  It contains glucose, the only natural sugar recognised by the body, and just enough to make it isotonic.  This means that its glucose level matches the body’s blood-sugar levels so that it won’t spike sugar levels or leave you with a nasty crash and that the solution is rapidly absorbed from the gut into the bloodstream ensuring rapid rehydration.

AquaForce has been specifically designed this way to provide a stable, enduring energy source for sustained activity. The AquaForce formula creates an isotonic, free moving environment in which essential electrolytes pass freely from the stomach to the body’s cells without processing through the liver and kidneys.  This gives AquaForce a rapid absorption rate, and you may observe that it’s even faster than water.  This means that more goes into the body and less is excreted by the kidneys resulting in improved hydration.  AquaForce uses glucose, the major fuel source of life, to keep your body going by creating a fast effective formula which we believe is unequalled in the marketplace today.  AquaForce improves energy and endurance because both its electrolytes and fuel source match the body’s fluid concentration so closely so that your body rapidly gets just what it needs to perform at ideal levels.

Principle 3: Revitalise

Bodies are complicated equations.  Too much of this and too little of that and before you know it your body is out of whack.  That’s why we realised there was no sense in meddling with Mother Nature.  She holds the formula on electrolyte balance and all AquaForce did was take her lead.  With no unnecessary sugars, no empty calories, no artificial colouring, and no preservatives we have formulated the ideal solution to revitalise the body: An all-natural electrolyte replacement drink that closely mimics the blood’s concentration of electrolytes. And because it’s isotonic, you’ll notice that AquaForce is rapidly absorbed from your stomach into the bloodstream, rather than sitting in your stomach uncomfortably whilst it’s waiting to be absorbed.  AquaForce is the hydration solution you’ve been looking for.  Common sense and science have joined forces to deliver an all-natural, optimum hydration solution based on a back-to-basics approach. Now that’s refreshing.

1+2+3 = Ideal Hydration Balance

Our scientifically formulated solution combines our pure, all-natural formula with isotonic ratios of the four core electrolytes.  Marry this with a great refreshing taste and you get a drink formulated for life…all of it.  No matter what keeps you active, you need to stay hydrated and AquaForce is an electrolyte replacement solution formulated for people from all walks of life.  And, most importantly, it works!  It's not a secret anymore, we believe the AquaForce Solution is the best electrolyte replacement drink available.  Try it, you’ll like it!