The Word On The Street

Mountain Bike & Adventure Racer

We started drinking Aquaforce when training for the Cape Epic mountain bike race - 900kms over 8 days with 18,000m of climbing (twice Everest). It is the most brilliant product for endurance events. The light flavour and absence of sticky synthetics and over-sugared gunk mean that we can drink Aquaforce all day, day after day, without any irritated mouth or stomach reactions. And it is a superb rehydration formula. Now I have started adventure racing and am competing in the World Championships XPD in Tasmania in November this year I am confident that my thirst will be quenched and my rehydration reliable using Aquaforce during the event. I can't understand why anyone uses anything else. It's also a great hangover cure!, although I use it too for "pre-hydration" before a potentially big night out as well as rehydration afterwards.

Pro Class Dirtbike Rider

My name is Rick Miles, I am a Pro Class rider in the Australian and Victorian Off Road Motorcycle Championships.
I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with AquaForce. Since I started drinking AquaForce I feel so much better before, during and after a race.  I was drinking another brand of sports drink and it was making me feel sick and I couldn’t eat, which was a problem in the lead up to a race and then during a race.  Jehi Willis suggested I try AquaForce and I couldn’t believe the difference. I start drinking AquaForce a few days before a race, then I continue drinking it until after the race. The difference in my recovery on race and training days is so much better, and I don’t get cramps any more.  I have been so impressed with AquaForce that I have recommended it to other riders.

ME/CFS Sufferer

I have ME and as part of the disease I  have also been diagnosed with POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) or commonly referred to as OI (Orthostatic Intolerance). My Dr recommended I drink Aquaforce and it has been a Godsend.

I regularly go on a forum for those with this illness and the word has spread. Aquaforce significantly helps with the dizziness, minimizes the post exertional malaise, and helps with the OI and Channelopathy symptoms. I started on four glasses of Aquaforce a day and at present I drink two glasses every morning as a maintenance dose. I increase the dose when under extra stress, both physical or emotional. After about a year of Aquaforce I decided to stop taking it as I foolishly thought I no longer needed it. Within three weeks I was back in bed feeling weak, dizzy and miserable. When I told my Dr he said to stay with it and  that while it may help significantly, it was not a cure.

I wouldn't be without it!!!!!!

Bikram Yoga Student and Breastfeeding Mother

Aquaforce is tasty, easy to drink, and is essential in preventing dehydration.  I have used Aquaforce to sustain myself through bikram yoga exercise.  And now through breastfeeding my baby son.  I was sick whilst feeding him due to acute dehydration.  Thanks to Aquaforce I recovered, and continue to drink it daily to maintain my capacity to breastfeed.

I may not have continued breastfeeding my son if it wasnt for aquaforce.  I became sick from acute dehydration, and included vomiting through the night whilst trying to feed my newborn baby.  Aquaforce restored me, and continues to maintain my capacity to breastfeed.

Kate Bannister
Flight Attendant and Triathlete

I have been using Aquaforce for almost a year now. I am a part time flight attendant and also compete in triathlons during season. I found that after flying my training was inefficient due to dehydration. This lead me to look for a product that would help me stay hydrated in a very dry environment such as an aircraft.

Since using Aquaforce I have achieved more efficient training and better hydration during flying. I notice this in my quality of sleep, in my skin and generally feel more energetic and fresh.

I often recommend this product to the crew that I work with as drinking endless bottles of water is just not enough.

I absolutely recommend this product to any body that travels in aircraft regularly.

Jehi Willis
Pro Class Racer Off-Road Motorcycles

I use Aquaforce as an integral part of my race preparation and recovery as I can drink as much as I need to properly hydrate without feeling sick or bloated as I have in the past using other products. Since using Aquaforce I feel much stronger in my endurance throughout long races and feel as though I can push myself to the limit without falling in a heap towards the end.

 Michael O'Connell
Craniosacral Therapist

I ordered a tub of AquaForce, Natural Citrus flavour recently as I'm going overseas and wanted to take it for hydration in flight,  having read that water isn't enough and the body needs electrolytes for complete hydration. I have noticed a tremendous difference to my ageing skin - the epithelial cells are plumper with moisture, and the texture has improved significantly. I know my brain needs lots of hydration to properly function as well, and I've noticed an improvement in my mental function especially short term memory recall.

As a professional Craniosacral Therapist I'll be recommending this product to my clients for overall holistic central nervous system functioning and general wellbeing, as well as continuing to use it daily myself for electrolyte and blood volume balancing.

 Robyn Hollis
ME/CFS Sufferer

I was diagnosed with ME/CFS 2 years ago, and have had it for 6 years now. Over this time I have tried many, many pills, potions and anything that might help me to regain health again. Then over a year ago I tried AquaForce and within 24 hours I could feel the benefit of it. I could think so much clearer and function so much better on a day to day basis. Thank you AquaForce for giving me some kind of normality within an illness which knows no normality.

Recreational Athlete

This is the best hydration drink I've used. When I'm thirsty after a hard workout or race, nothing tastes better. Other sports drinks I've tried taste sickly sweet after a long hard run. I tend to trust my body, and I think that means something. AquaForce is designed for performance, not as a soft drink.
I also use it for another purpose. A few years ago, I caught a bad virus and couldn't eat anything for three days straight. AquaForce was the only thing my stomach could handle, and it got me through. Ever since, I use it to stay hydrated when I get sick.

ME/CFS sufferer

After being on a program from my Specialist for ME/CFS, which includes AquaForce, I find my energy levels have increased steadily over the past 12 months. I absolutely know AquaForce is helpful with this as I was without it recently for a few days and I didn’t have the same energy and I felt more lethargic and weakened. I was surprised, as when my AquaForce delivery arrived, I made up a jug of it straight away, drank a couple of glasses and felt my energy go up almost immediately and it stayed like that for the rest of the day.  Although my orders are promptly processed and dispatched by the Revive people, obviously I’m now making sure I order it well before I run out!

Chronic Fatigue Sydronme Sufferer

Aquaforce was recommended to me by my Doctor to help with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).

When I get exhausted I often vomit for up to 8 hours at a time, Aquaforce is the only liquid I can drink to help replenish my electrolytes and energy. I have found it to be the best energy replacement supplement for my digestive system it does not cause acidity, reflux, or any adverse digestive problems. On a normal day, I use Aquaforce to improve my overall stamina and reduce ‘brain fog’ during exams etc. Thank you for this product.

I may not have continued breastfeeding my son if it wasnt for aquaforce.  I became sick from acute dehydration, and included vomiting through the night whilst trying to feed my newborn baby.  Aquaforce restored me, and continues to maintain my capacity to breastfeed.