Things to Love About AquaForce

No Artificial Flavour   -   No Artificial Colouring   -   No Preservatives   -   No Unpleasant After Taste   -   Light on the stomach   -   Less sweet than many other drinks   -   Isotonic drink which matches the body’s fluids concentrations   -   Rapidly absorbed   -   Replenishes, Energises, Revitalises   -   Four core electrolytes   -   On-the-go convenient packets   -   Great value for money   -   Environmentally and community conscious company   -   One taste and you’ll be a customer for life...

AquaForce™ was started with a simple idea: to hydrate thirsty bodies rapidly and naturally. Whether you’re an athlete, weekend warrior, outdoor enthusiast, travelling, feeling unwell or just hung-over, you’ll need something to prevent dehydration. Thirst happens and water alone isn’t enough. Electrolytes are essential in the hydration equation. From the get-go, it’s been our mission to deliver a straight-forward electrolyte drink that replaces fluids, electrolytes and Vitamin C lost with dehydration. We looked to Mother Nature for the answer. The result: AquaForce – a formula which hydrates, replenishes, energises and revitalises. AquaForce is isotonic which means it matches the body’s fluids and is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream. Four vital nutrients - sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium - combine to deliver on one promise: hydrate thirsty bodies with exactly what they need and nothing they don’t need. AquaForce has no ‘extra’ unnecessary ingredients to slow you down and no artificial anything! Just electrolytes replacing electrolytes in ratios which mimic Mother Nature. Simple, rapid, effective!

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