Why Water Isn't Enough

You may have heard some people say that “all you need is water to keep you hydrated”, but your own experiences should tell you otherwise.

For one thing, plain water is not quickly absorbed. Remember drinking a lot of water after a long, hard effort and feeling as if your stomach was going to burst… and yet you still feel thirsty? This is because water can sit in your stomach for a long time, sometimes for as long as an hour before enough is actually absorbed so that your thirst seems quenched. 

Drinking plain water can also flush out your own electrolytes. If you drink enough water, eventually the pressure of all that water in your stomach will force it into circulation. Too much water in the system ends up diluting the concentration of the blood and the electrolytes in it.  As the blood passes through the kidneys, the excess water is directed to the bladder where it is removed from your system, along with the vital electrolytes that keep you functioning well… and you’re still thirsty!  For this reason, drinking water alone during a sustained effort can paradoxically be a health risk. Numerous athletes have found this out the hard way, some requiring an I.V. electrolyte solution to replace the electrolytes that were flushed out of their systems because they drank too much water.

And there’s often also another problem: you’ve probably had the experience of drinking water and then not longer after, found yourself making a few trips to the bathroom. That’s because too much water has deluged your system all at once, diluting your blood and the concentration of electrolytes within it. So, your body just wants to get rid of this excess fluid. This scenario has put many people off drinking water and they end up not getting the fluids they need, causing them to be perpetually dehydrated.

AquaForce has been designed to be absorbed so rapidly that you won’t even feel it sitting in your stomach making you feel bloated. It’s also isotonic, which means it matches the body’s fluid concentration, so it's assimilated into circulation just as if it were the body’s own fluids. This means AquaForce won’t dilute or over concentrate the body’s delicate natural electrolyte balance and that the vital electolytes and fluids you need will remain in your system. This will maintain your hydration and deliver vital electrolytes to working cells without making you run to the bathroom after drinking it.

The Problem With Drinking Water During A Prolonged Effort

During prolonged exertion, drinking too much water can cause you to be depleted enough in vital electrolytes to seriously affect your performance and condition. In extreme cases, this has resulted in athletes involved in high-intensity exercise, collapsing with symptoms of heat exhaustion (hyponatremia) even though they seemed to take all precautions to be well hydrated.  And it's not unusual for those who survive to have needed as much as four litres of intravenous electrolyte solution to recover. 

AquaForce has been formulated to be more effective at preventing dehydration than water. That’s because it’s been designed to be absorbed directly from the stomach within minutes of drinking it, rapidly delivering vital electrolytes and fluids to the body’s cells in the proportions required to prevent dehydration.

What does this mean when your body’s working really hard? You can drink AquaForce just before or even during your activity and not feel it sitting in your stomach weighing you down or sloshing around. If you’re already feeling dehydrated, you will feel an improvement in performance in as little as a few minutes. And if you’re starting to feel the beginnings of muscle cramps, as you drink enough AquaForce, the cramps should eventually disappear.

AquaForce has been developed to provide rapid hydration and it not only keeps you hydrated, but also ensures that your electrolytes are always maintained at the right level so you can give your best effort to everything you do.